And that’s how it happened!

Jul 12, 2017

Ihave always had a wonderful life and hence I have always been a very happy person. I grew up with my grandparents around and I had 2 siblings. So, it was a big family. The only thing I found missing was my mum’s presence. She was constantly transferred in her job. I missed her, always. So, even if I was ambitious, I knew that I had to be around my kid, whenever that would be.

I got married at 24 to my college sweetheart and life started. It was a whirlwind.  We both were young and working in corporate sectors. By the end of 2 years, we had our baby. And then life happened. Quitting my job was the most obvious thing to do for me. I enjoyed every minute of time with my little one, but the ambition to work was always there. When my daughter started eating, I used to be concerned about nutrition and read up a lot about it. Finally, I decided to study it. That was when I took up this course on nutrition and dietetics. I enjoyed every bit of it and successfully completed my internship. I wanted to be my own boss and also wanted to be around my daughter, hence I founded Slimnhappy. And the rest is history.

Finally, I found my calling in nutrition.

This took many years. This also took away my peace of mind and fed my fears. I was fearful that I may never be able to do anything. I was scared and lonely. I didn’t have many friends as I can’t idle gossip and somehow maybe I was holding myself back.

The only silver lining was my husband. He is my best friend, guide and soulmate. He always believed in me and encouraged me. I think at these times when you are low, you need someone to believe in you. And he did that and how!! That was what kept me from giving up.

Today I am fairly established and Slimnhappy is a brand. I have happy, satisfied and loyal clients. I give talks at many places regarding nutrition, and I am enjoying every bit of it.

But you know what, today when I look back; I wouldn’t change a thing, except my fears. My daughter is a teenager now and has her own life and world. But I am glad that I could spend those lovely days with her. I could smell her baby smell, ruffle her hair, hold her, feed her and enjoy being the centre of her world. So, I think, I have it all.

Sarika Apre Nair

Sarika Apre Nair

Founder, Slimnhappy

Sarika Apre Nair is a diet and lifestyle consultant. She is the founder of Slimnhappy. She is a blogger and a speaker. She conducts many corporate events and talks at hospitals. She contributes to many websites. So, basically she loves ranting about nutrition.

Apart from this, she loves to read and knit. She loves to travel and wants to see the world before the curtain falls.

She has a feisty 13-year-old daughter and they both love hanging out together. She is an atheist and believes in good deeds only. She is a happy, friendly and an optimistic person.

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