Conquering depression through entrepreneurship

Sep 20, 2017

I started my venture surprisingly to tackle my mood swings in menopause phase to keep mind occupied and family life undisturbed. My elder son had gone for job and I became a lonely person slowly advancing towards depression. One day I mulled over the circumstances and thought to come out of the cocoon, prepared a mix of natural oils and tried my hand at something unique to tackle hair related issues faced by almost every person irrelevant of age.

I sent to a Facebook friend who not only appreciated the quality and results of the oil , introduced to her friends as well to support my business. I then started my page about SHINE Hair Oil. It gave me opening to many new customers who are now like my own family members now supporting my business growth.

Gradually improving my product quality by adding hair friendly herbs helped in solving multiple problems of every person successfully. I got good exposure through Facebook groups and my regular customers’ recommendation. With my profits, I bought a Smartphone which gave a boost to my business growth.

I have faced my own set of hardships.  Initially I could not find proper bottles, packaging boxes, trustworthy shipping company as almost every courier company refused​ to accept oil delivery. A courier company agent sold nearly three litres of oil. When I posted on Facebook groups a few interrupted and tried to snatch my customers by replying their queries. But without losing hope and with constant efforts I could make my business stable.

I then did some detailed study and blended a few more oils:

Gray Hair Oil:  Especially for the growing children, which produced melanin with regular application thus reversing the early graying process gradually. For elders it gave henna like colouring in a few applications thus safe being completely organic.

Hair Tonic:  To strengthen the hair roots and help in healthy hair regrowth.

Regrowth Oil:  To help get regrowth of hair on hairless bald patches which made many a youngsters feel low in self esteem and insecure. Regular application brings fantastic results in a few months time. It even beats the hair transplant surgery results.

Essential Oils Blend:  Especially for those who find themselves unable to use the herbal ingredients and regret for not able to get the benefits of the products. This oil is a blend of 12 essential oils which gives the same regrowth results. I have sent to a few customers abroad.

A simple effort to vent depression creatively turned out to be a successful venture with social networking.

I want to support physically disabled women and widows in particular to gain decent income through my SHINE Herbals.

Neelima Thakur

Neelima Thakur

Neelima Thakur is from Mumbai. She was married in a Tamil family and has spent 25 years in South.  She is 52 years old now, a homemaker, a mom of three growing children, a trainer of Eng communication & Personality Development. She loves spending time in gardening, writing blogs, stitching and managing her business. She is a very content and happy person.

She runs her own venture SHINE Herbals, which mainly deals in a variety of hair oils.  She is doing manufacturing and marketing from home. She has now almost 700 happy customers in less than 2 years.

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