Journey of disease to ease: from knowing yourself to loving yourself

Sep 6, 2017

Coming to homoeopathy was not by choice for me.  In fact, I was the one who was not interested in medicine.  My mother’s dream was to see her daughters as doctors.  Till the time I joined homoeopathic medical college like rest of the others, I was clueless about this science.  I had made up my mind to just get the degree and then shift over, but in my first year of college I heard the case stories of our teachers and how they helped people transform their lives.  That was when I was very motivated.  I still remember attending a medical conference and then finding my passion in both treating and teaching homoeopathy.

Being a holistic practitioner from the very beginning of my career and treating a lot of people, the patients would always ask what is it that is making me so sick, doctor why do you think I have so many problems!

So, it’s very simple to attribute it to the lifestyles or family history or some bacteria or virus; mostly that’s what we learn in our medical schools, but somewhere deep in my heart I was looking for more answers to this problem especially the rise in feminine hormonal disorders.  We meet every other girl who is struggling from PCOS, thyroid disorders, infertility, fibroid but what could be the cause of it?

Homoeopathy is a holistic mode of treatment that originated in Germany by a German Allopathic Doctor, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann -According to Homoeopathy IT’S NOT AN ORGAN THAT IS SICK BUT IT’S A PERSON THAT IS SICK .

So, in many of my cases what I could see there was a pattern in their illness and their thought process.  Certain conflicts give rise to a group of diseases in this epidemic of various hormonal issues.  Besides our lifestyle or family history, an important part is the stress we are living with, the conflict of the masculine and feminine energy within us, the grief and the hurt that is untold and not healed is causing the illness.

No doubt our environmental factors, the food we eat, the genetics, our lifestyles play a vital role but also our emotions and experiences are the major factors that cause a disease.  Let me share a case.  This female had a lot of skin issues and hormonal imbalances and when she came to me she had a lot of menstrual irregularities and sometimes scanty, sometimes increased flow.  When I studied her case in details, I concurred that she was lacking her own identity and choices.  The people in her life on whom she was dependent for love, care and affection were letting her down and when we understood this essence of her life and prescribed a medicine; she got better. There are many such examples.

Hence, on 24th March I have taken my first step in the field of entrepreneurship and a journey where I aim to transform life of people, not just their diseases, also their quality of life. I am eager to motivate people and see their life change.

With the aim of facilitating the journey from Disease to Ease, From Knowing oneself to Loving oneself I have started Homoeopathic Pearls To Cure at Andheri (east) Sakinaka.

My family has always been supportive.  I still remember when I was working for AYUSH program homoeopathy for mother and child care, I would be home by 1 AM or even late but my parents never questioned me.  Even now when I took this risk of leaving my well-paying job my family didn’t question my decision.  My family and friends have always supported me.

My journey has always been with its own ups and downs with my own good and bad days, the days when your patient is cured is a day not less than a Eid Day and the day some of them not responding well is a challenging day where you know you need to help a person out of the situation.  The biggest challenge while practicing homoeopathy is when people have their own myths and fancies about the science some.  They expect miracle in a day.  Some come in for treatment with no faith in you at all, but the only key to facing these challenging is my belief and passion in the science.

Every patient that walks in my clinic teaches me something new.  Every time I feel that what I did in previous case may not be true for this case.  I never forget that every person that comes in to my clinic has walked in to teach me something new and bring meaning to my life. Whenever I deal with a patient, I am reminded by what one of my guru says; when you examine a patient remember he is a person sent to you by Almighty and you need to be gentle, loving and caring. Your unconditional love to your patient will heal them because the world doesn’t need medicine as much they need love.

Dr. Sadaf Ulde

Dr. Sadaf Ulde

Dr. Sadaf Ulde graduated from medical school in year 2009.  She has done her postgraduation in clinical research and psychological counselling.  She has always been passionate about homoeopathy having worked with many eminent homoeopaths not only in Mumbai but also across the world.  She has been part of AYUSH program homoeopathy for Mother and Child Care where she not only got trained but also started teaching homoeopathy to undergraduates, graduates and post graduates students of homoeopathy.  After working for 5 to 6yrs with International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy, she has started her own Holistic Centre of homoeopathic healing “Homoeopathic Pearls To Cure” at Andheri (East) Sakinaka.


  1. Farheen

    She is truely inspiring and beautiful by heart and soul keep the good work going and healing others from within

  2. Dr sadaf

    Thank you back to front for this opportunity if anyone has any query can email me on
    Or call on +91 8898301846

  3. Rajiv gandhi

    Great awesome work
    Keep it up

  4. Ahmed

    Homoeopathy has helped me a lot to get rid of all side effect causing medicines and I am totally fit and active. Emotional health is most important in being healthy and Dr Sadaf has guided me well in this path. She also has WhatsApp groups for positive thoughts sharing. Even though I am out of country she has been able to provide me medical guidance over emails and Skype. Worth every dollar I spent.

  5. Meyer Niger under

    Hard work and commitment pays keep it up

  6. Abdul hameed

    This did help in my gout she really works with dedication homeopathy is realrelief

  7. Nadeem

    All the best sadaf. I don’t know you but I know your elder sister shanuf, she was my classmate in school. Feels good to hear about your achievement. I wish you all the luck and god bless.

  8. shanuf chandanwala

    Dr.sadaf cured my allergies . n was there thick n thin during my acute episodes . now for years tkng he meds . though im away from india . i can continue her meds and im healthy again

  9. Ayush jain

    Im had vitiligo n now i hv a beautiful skin . thanks to dr.sadaf.
    U r a good person n a good dr

  10. Abrar altaf

    Excellent work didi , may allah give u more sucess in life ✌️

  11. Suhana Sheikh

    Commendable !!
    Great work.. !!

  12. Lubhna Altaf

    Dr. Sadaf cured my diabetes. And Alhamdulilha because of her medicines my diabetes is under control.

  13. Dr. Karuna Sonawane

    That’s a wonderful journey and experience you shared here. Heal many more souls as you are a wonderful doctor.

  14. Zoheb Hasamiya Pardesi

    An absolute inspiring and motivational journey. Truly, your dedication towards your patients is highly commendable. Homeopathy is the most natural and best way to get relief from all kinds of problems. Keep up the good work di 🙂 and keep loving us

  15. Dr.Sharada prasad sharma

    Real many person male or feamle suffer from emotional disbalance

  16. Doreen

    Thank you so much Dr Sadaf for curing and believing in me especially during my most trying times. You have very rightly quoted your guru in the blog above that the world needs more love than it needs medicine. God bless you. All d best in life!


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