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Aug 9, 2017

My name is Sandhyaashree Rajiv.  I am 41 years old.  I am a life coach and a mother of 2 beautiful souls aged 18 and 14.  I am often asked what I coach people for.  To put it simply, I help people live an ordinary life!  Most part of my life, I found people being coached to excel.  On the contrary, I realized there was nobody to coach people to live a basic life.  All we have around us are ones which help us excel.  I do not have any issues about excelling.  But I believe the beginning is from zero.  So, I help people make that beginning.

About my work

I employ different types of techniques to help people embrace their beautiful life.  Some of the techniques I use are Pulse reading (Nei ging) an ancient technique to read the past, present and future from the pulse, Akharshic records (assessing past life karmas to solve the pattern of the present life), Reiki healing, Face and Aura reading, Body work healing (a strong and channelled healing technique which releases blocks and erases pattern), and many more.

My work is deep meditation for me and I accept seekers only after meditating on their name and date of birth.  Only after receiving a divine message to go ahead and work with the seeker, I agree to meet.  I have had the good fortune to work with hundreds of people from all walks of life.  I share my knowledge by running workshops on Food prana, Healing techniques, Reiki attunements, Bach remedies and meditation classes.  I also hold corporate workshops on team building, stress management and positive thinking to name a few.  Also, I do lots of online talks and on site talks across cities on various topics like ‘Heal your child by revisiting your childhood’, ‘How to press the reset button’, ‘Why do we get depressed?’ and many more.

All of these are done under the banner of my initiative named Catharsis (meaning the end of negativity).  I would be incomplete if I don’t mention two of my best friends and partners at work Sweety Manglic and Nisha Solanki who are constantly helping me spread this light.


Like all young aspiring graduates fresh out of college, I too wanted to make loads of money and lead a good life.  I started my career as a computer graphics artist for feature film industry.  I was excelling in my job and I happen to marry my colleague – my husband Rajiv.  I had my daughter within nine months of my marriage (I was in a tearing hurry to be a mom at 22).  Initially, I stayed home to look after my bundle of joy but soon felt this is not where I belonged.  Quickly, I went back to the market and got myself a job as a corporate training executive with top multinational but I was not happy.  There was something missing.  With a lot of introspection and soul searching, I began my journey with occult science.  I dabbled upon many alternative healing techniques and found that these techniques came to me naturally as if I had done it in some other life time.  My only quest in life has been how do you stay happy and peaceful?  I found my answer in just three words – Just stay ordinary.  By thinking this way, you not only lift the burden off you to excel but something more beautiful happens within you that makes you accept yourself the way you are.

I did consistently take few sabbaticals in between which I no longer call a sabbatical as it helped me grow as a human being many folds.  I rediscovered my femininity.  I reinvented myself as a human being.  I self-healed to be a better mother.  So there has been no sabbatical, there has been only growth in every aspect of my life.


My biggest challenge has been about educating people about the importance of mental wellness.  It is important to begin the change…and the best place to start is from YOU!  And I overcame this challenge by simply working on myself first before I began with others.  I place my mental wellness as a topmost priority.  I aspire to make our nation boast of a rich breed of mentally and physically-abled citizens.

Last but not the least, this is one of the most asked question by people – how did your friends and family react to your unique profession?  Long ago, I stopped seeking approval; just embraced my Ordinary Life!


Sandhyaashree Rajiv

Sandhyaashree Rajiv

Sandhyashree is a life coach and a mother of 2 beautiful souls aged 18 and 14.  In her words, “I help people live an ordinary life!”  Through her initiative Catharsis, she shares her knowledge by running workshops on Food prana, Healing techniques, Reiki attunements, Bach remedies and meditation classes.  She also holds corporate workshops on team building, stress management and positive thinking to name a few.  Her aim is to educate people about the importance of mental wellness.


  1. Leelavathy

    Ur work is inspiring n amazing-it has transformed me from high strung n stressed individual into acontented one with well being all around mentally physically with positive continue to help people to overcome their problems

  2. Charu

    Hi Sandhya,
    How are you? I am quite proud of you that you are doing well as a life coach with the unique concept which is the need of the hour! Great going! Stay in touch..
    Best wishes!

  3. John Thomas

    Hi Sandhya,

    This is very inspiring. I am very happy for you.
    I could see the spark in you long back when we were working together at Chennai.
    I knew that you were destined for better, greater things.

    Warm Regards to you and Family

    Keep Rocking and Inspiring !


  4. Mamatha Rao

    Hi Sandhya, I am very happy to see you helping people to reach their highest potential by being ordinary…Its a joy to know you and your amazing growth inspires all of us everyday…Keep growing and keep smiling.

    Love always
    Mamatha Rao

  5. Jenny Sugar

    SO proud of you, Sandhyaashree! You are looking great and practicing so many interesting techniques! Would love to join one of your groups one day when in India again. I send you a big hug. Jenny.


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