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How To Raise Successful Daughters

As a woman, an ex-cricketer, and a daughter, trying to make her parents proud, I write this today, to motivate all the parents out there to raise girls, who are not afraid to take over the world.

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Co-location: the new normal

I was reminded of Dilbert’s quip, “Change is good! You go first!” as I dived head first into a sea of changes in the span of the last two months: a new job, a new boss, a new city, a new apartment, a new way of working, to name just a few.

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Mid-life Career Crisis

We have all heard about ‘Mid life crisis’, but this blog is dedicated to ‘Mid-life career crisis’. If you are experiencing it, you will be happy to know you are not alone. All your peers are going through it or about to go through it- because this is when the gears shift.

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My bumpy start in the C Suite

Each leader’s transition to the C suite is impacted by a unique context and circumstances. It is influenced by their skills & experiences; the culture and ‘ways of working’ in the organization; their own style and biases; the state of the business/ function they are taking over; the team that they will inherit and the performance expected from them etc. etc.

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Work from home – here is how

Work from home options are in huge demand today. Many women who wish to continue working but are unable to look for flexible and work from home jobs. Some women don’t wish to leave their small babies and go out to work, some don’t want to commute long distances, some look for flexible options and hence look for work-from-home opportunities.

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