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The case for BAD moms

I am a bad mom. I worked right up to the last day of my pregnancy. In fact we had this critical pitch to a very large corporate 2 days before I was due for my caesarean. My husband , also my cofounder at our advertising firm joked that we could come back both with anew client and a baby.

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7 Myths About Solo Travel That Need To Be Sent Packing

I recommend starting solo travel early on in your adult life and that you should continue going on these even when you have a full, good life, unlike the common picture painted by the movies above. There are more misplaced notions about solo travel and I’ll try to bust a few here.

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My story begins with my mother’s story, as my son’s story will begin with mine

Mitch Albom said everyone has a story, and everyone’s story begins with their mother’s story because that is where they begin from. My story begins with my mother’s story, as my son’s story will begin with mine. And it is my mother’s story that makes me realise just how much strength we have within us when we have to draw upon ourselves, when we have to survive, when we have no option but to carry on living, even though we might be crumbling within us.

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Be the true leader

The concept of Leadership Development at times seems a wee bit elusive in this era where “Human Resource” seems to be getting the due importance it so deserves. For years I have been searching for that one formula which differentiates one leader from the other.

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Are you suffering with Impostor Syndrome too?

Have you ever felt that you get away with more than you deserve? Do you feel like it wasn’t your skill but luck or hard work that got you where you are? Are there more deserving candidates for the promotion or pay hike that you just received? If you have ever been victim to these thoughts, you aren’t alone.

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Dozen Commandments for Corporate Beginners

A meeting on the cards with a team member who was with us for a temporary assignment before she moved on for her big break, got me thinking about what I could share with her that would hopefully stay with her forever (or at least some of it). This post is to share it with all who are experiencing the initial phase of career….. what helped me navigate the maze?

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