Womenspiring Wednesdays

Stories of inspiring women to perk up your wednesdays

Happiness ki Pukar

If someone had told me a couple of years ago that I am going to be a ‘Happiness Coach’, I would have laughed it off and thanked the person for this wishful thinking. This is my story of how I bid adieu to a successful corporate stint and plunged directly into the journey of being a Happiness Coach.

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Rediscovering Economics in the acts of Life!

I strongly believe that the relevant networking that is happening amongst people in general and women in particular, is opening new vistas and giving many women the ability and agility to find new moorings and rediscover themselves.

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Today you are you! That is truer than true!

I believe that the Early Years of a child’s life does not necessarily have to be taught with a prescribed curriculum. If the right environment and materials are provided in a classroom, the teacher merely becomes a facilitator rather than an authority or an adult governing the student body. Today with so much available out there, parents are spoilt for choice!

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Let food be the medicine

I am a dentist by education but a nutritionist by passion and choice. I believe in the saying ‘Formal education makes you a living, self education makes you a fortune’. I did my degree but I always felt that something was missing from my life. I was very much interested in nutrition. Reading about latest trends and nutrition research was my favorite past time.

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The making of an artist in me

With imagicArt, I showcase my thoughts and inspirations across colors, mediums and techniques on one platform. I focus on creating unique hand painted products for home decor such as recycled glass bottle décor, hand painted river stone pebbles, magnetic bookmarks, coasters etc. using a variety of coloring techniques.

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When passion persists, story starts…

I started a journey in 2010. Sparkles Science was formed when I travelled with my 8 month old first baby across Ganges. My family stayed in Delhi, while my village was in eastern UP. I set out with my 8-month old child to my village Jirabasti.

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