Work from home – here is how

Jul 20, 2017

Work from home options are in huge demand today.  Many women who wish to continue working but are unable to look for flexible and work from home jobs.  Some women don’t wish to leave their small babies and go out to work, some don’t want to commute long distances, some look for flexible options and hence look for work-from-home opportunities.

Sounds nice and it is a boon for many women too! There are lots of work-from-home options coming up each day. But is it really as easy as it sounds? Like every other thing, work from home has its own pros and cons.

A few tips for working from home


Work from home doesn’t mean that you don’t have to denote fixed working hours. Yes, it has more flexibility than the office hours yet one needs to stay committed to the assigned hours. Stay connected with your work colleagues online.


Create a work station or allocate a work space for a more professional approach.


Before starting any work from home option, think from all perspectives. It is a commitment after all. It’s a job that needs to be taken seriously. Frequent leaves or breaks citing domestic issues or other social problems impacts performance as well as creates a bad impression with the employer.


Support system. Create a support system, especially if the child is very small, so that you can work without any distractions while someone takes care of your child or does the home chores.


Be realistic.  Most work from home jobs don’t give the same salary, perks, or career growth as office jobs though times are changing and this scenario is also showing a lot of improvement.


Don’t try to do home chores and your job together. It’s hugely distracting! Compartmentalize your work and prioritize them accordingly.


Inform your family and friends about work timings so that they call or visit accordingly, unless any emergency of course.


Spouse and children play a big supportive role for women who work from home. Involve your family in your work schedule!  Let them know your work time so that they don’t disturb you.


Keep on reinventing and updating yourself. Work from home can get stagnating at times. Learn more about the new trends and keep yourself abreast.


It’s very necessary to keep oneself motivated when working from home as sometimes it gets lonely and one misses the office environment. Just remind yourself why you started to work from home in the first place and things will be easier.

Ritwika Roy Mutsuddi

Ritwika Roy Mutsuddi

Social media specialist @People Konnect

Ritwika is an avid blogger by passion.  A postgraduate in Biochemistry, she likes to pen her thoughts about parenting, relationships, and issues related to women.  Ritwika’s blogs have been published in,, to name a few.  She is active on various mom and women forum and regularly voices her thoughts there.  Writing and singing are her interests.


  1. Dimple Rampal

    Hi I hav a corporate experience of 5yrs but had to drop all of it after my kids were born. please let me know wat opportunities do you have.

  2. Rakshita

    Hey Dimple,
    Thanks for reaching out to us. You can write to us on and we would take it ahead.

  3. Woeser doma bhutia

    Hi. Would like to know about some genuine work from home opportunities. I am based in Sikkim. Thanks!

  4. Sheeja C

    Hello..I would like to know about work from home opportunities… I stay in Bareilly..have a work experience of 2 years as quality control in a Bangalore based clinical research but that’s a long 12 years back..


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